Tasty Tuscany

Cooking Holiday

We look forward to welcoming you and making your holiday a most memorable one!

Picking herbs from the garden, shopping at the local open markets, learning how to cook the great traditional Italian and Mediterranean family recipes with your hands-in and your heart on!

This is Tasty Tuscany: a cooking experience for body and soul and Manul will acconpaign you all the way through. A unique culinary adventure that begins in a 16th-century villa’s fully equipped kitchen, with a large marble working station, and passing through the organic garden and the colourful open markets ends up right in your dish!

Maximum eight people per week, to better enjoy each other’s company and get all the care from your hosts.
From antipasti to dessert, in each class we experience  the veriety of our regional Italian cooking, with its incredible selection of local products and peculiar flavours. Something special, good food to eat everyday. Simple, but healthy, accurate and rich at the same time.

Manul likes to cook with a few ingredients, combining them with respect, giving to each one a “voice”, a clean opportunity to tell its wonderful story. The fresh herbs and all  the secret to use them are the key to enchant your palate, and the fresh extra virgin olive oil from the olive trees in the garden, is what enhances the flavors and makes them vivid.

For Manul cooking is a way to find your roots, to care for others, to nurish yourself, family and friends, and the main reason to be here is to learn how to be confident in the kitchen, find your connection with food and enjoy expressing your creativity.

You are the main ingredient: Come, Enjoy!

A holiday is not a holiday without a tour. With Paolo, every day is a new journey and he will take you through the discovery of the hidden secrets of our beloved Tuscany.

From a whole day spent in a medieval town, where layers of history overlap one another, giving you sights and scents of our ancient medieval culture, through the artisan’s workshops of an old stone to the appreciation of the local cheeses made by hand by skilled farmers since generations.

A trip to a winery where organic wines combined with the breathtaking sights along the roman’s road can be a unique experience when guided by a local who really knows all the secrets of a good wine. You will understand why in our Tuscany wine is so good: it’s the natural result of  a whole environment of beauty who inspired people to live joyfully within it.

Little-big treasures like an enormous and unknown 17Th century monastery nestled within olive grove hills just a few miles from Pisa, where you can taste samples of the life the Carthusian fathers used to live in complete isolation in an incredibly passionate, ruled, fulfilling lifestyle surrounded by breathtaking tridimensional colorful frescoes and optical illusions which made them live like in a constant dream.

Stopping by one of the very last, ancient cafe where time has stopped one hundred years ago to enjoy a cappuccino served by the 95 years old family owner and listening to his tales of a past that is still present, alive and kicking.

Not to mention many other little gems we will find along our journeys: meeting locals, changing ways, following the attraction of the moment, every encounter will be a chance to deepen your knowledge and enrich your trip with new experiences.

Your holiday, cooking and visiting, will be seasoned with all the passion we have for our land.
Come! Enjoy!